Welcome to Puzzling Primary Problems. This blog is designed for you – students with a passion for puzzling and pondering maths problems.

Each week TWO new maths problems (APPRENTICE and EXPERT levels) will be posted for you to puzzle and then you can post your solution.

There are two pages where you will find the problems – APPRENTICE and EXPERT. APPRENTICE problems are for those who are a just learning how to approach and solve problems, where as EXPERT problems are for those who are confident in problem solving and mathematics.

It is IMPORTANT to record HOW you solved the problem, as well as providing your ANSWER in your post.

At the end of the week, if the problems have remained unsolved solutions will be posted.

Remember to look at the ideas of others and see and understand the different ways that people approach the same problem. Ask yourself which way is more efficient?

If you need any help in understanding the concepts, click here to visit an online MATH DICTIONARY!!

Happy puzzling!!!


Note: Thanks to The Education Place and Nrich websites for these challenging problems!!!

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